So you want to measure how fast your computer is, huh? Of course you do: fast computers are cool.
Version 1.0
Version 1.0
This test was born in 2006 as a result of curiosity, necessity and a desire to boost photoshop performance. Since then, this little side project has had roughly a squillion downloads, has been featured in books like Martin Evening's best-selling Photoshop for Photographers; has been used by Apple, Bare Feats, and PC Magazine; and is even used inside Adobe to test upcoming versions of Photoshop.
Version 2.0
As successful as the last test has been, it is now five years old. That's not long in, say, the life of a binary star or Margaret Thatcher, but when it comes to computing, it's forever and day. When it was first released, all but the top systems were taking many minutes to complete the test. It's now only taking a few seconds. Version 2.0 is much tougher, much broader and has a trick up its sleeve. It's coming soon.
So, the new test is coming, and with it comes some hosting costs. Well, actually, quite a lot of hosting cost. We're looking for a sponsor, or a partner, in order to help cover those costs, just so this side-project doesn't break the bank. It really is about covering costs, and maybe a bit extra to put back into the project. If you're interested in pulling together on this project, you can email me.